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Welcome to which contains API specifications, user guides and other documentation for the solutions and APIs from HSL Mobile (including that comprise our mobile communication services.  You should find all the technical information that you require in order to make use of our solutions and APIs, but if there's anything you'd like to see or any questions that you have then please contact us.  

If you've just got your new account or are looking to see what's involved in getting moving on the technical side then the Getting started section should be your first port of call.

Our service is accessible using the solutions and APIs that we provide to enable you to

  • send and receive SMS messages
  • send verification codes (API)
  • make and receive voice calls
  • use other services related to mobile communications

An extremely reliable service is provided to customers using HSL Mobile's robust infrastructure. This spans multiple sites to provide solutions and APIs for customers to access our SMS, voice and instant messaging services. The architecture page has more information on our infrastructure.  Availability and reliability are corner stones of the services that we provide along with security, support and reporting (Client Support Site).



SMS messages can be sent by your application to mobiles on networks around the world.  Your application can also receive messages from mobiles on many networks around the world.






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