Getting Started

Once service has been set-up, we will send API configuration details for your account to your technical contact(s).  These configuration details are specific to the API you select and the document should be read before attempting to use our APIs.

For the SMTP “simple” and “sophisticated” APIs all you have to do is send an email using your application or email client to the mobile number at the domain configured for your account. This email should originate from the email address or domain configured on your account and, optionally, reach our servers from an IP address that has been associated with your account.

For other protocols you’ll use a combination of username / client ID / system ID and password / key to identify you application as an authorised user of the API.  Note that when using the SMPP API you must ensure that you not only specify the correct system ID and password but also the correct system type.

The examples section includes code samples demonstrating how to make use of the APIs.

If you need any assistance at all in getting started then feel free to get in contact with us.